Past Due

by Turkish Techno

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released May 31, 2011


tags: punk Riverside


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Turkish Techno Riverside, California

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Track Name: Without You
I waited there for you but you never came around. You always let me down. Now, when I'm sitting with my friends, every drunken memory. They're all there for me. And I know that when I needed you the most, when all the doors were closed. You weren't there for me. Just let go. It's all over. Don't even look over your shoulder. When you're buried and your'e gon will your memory live on without you.
Track Name: Little Lies
cause you dont have what isnt yours
you wont find out before theres a tomorrow
and i wont let you get the best of me
little lies and big brown eyes,
what happens here stays here.
A place for you to hide,
I'm all in on 15 red.
Angel face your devil's hand is nimble and heavy.
That liar's warm caress and telling mark upon your chest.
I'm Trying to remember
the way I felt when this decade waste of time began.
I wish I could forget her,
and I'm wishin with every breath I've got to give.

If there was something that you thought could make you whole again. A stupid song a pen, some paint a week, a month, a year. I'd lock in step and follow you until my feet were useless. I'd lay there where I fell and wait for your return. I promise you.
Track Name: A Note to Mike xVx
I know you've got the best of intentions
and you've probably got it all figured out
But it's so easy to lose you direction
when you think you've got it all figured out
I know you've got some bright ideas
and your heart's in the right fucking place
But that bad case of verbal diarrea and
that shitty look on your stupid fucking face

We've seen things that you'll never know
Roun' here posers gotta' go